Monday, October 28, 2013


It was Dark. Almost 9Pm of the Night in the month of July. Yes, it was raining. Heavy rainfall with all the thunders back to back. And she was standing in the middle of the Road out of the Main Hall Stadium. 5’6 Height-White suit-Long Hair- Fair complexion- High heels and all wet. Her face can tell she was numb like something has stroked her life. He was standing far from for him, listening all the thing while she was talking on Phone. He didn’t knew what the matter is. But he knew that he can’t see her cry.

Soon, two girls came from the stadium hold her and took her inside. The prepared her. It is one of the world best dancing competition. And this was the final. She has to dance. She has to give her the best. She is performing the contemporary. And in few mins she was in the middle of the stage. Crowds cheering out loud, Clapping and hooting. But she was Numb, Her heart was heavy, she wanted to cry, to be left alone. But standing down the stage he knew she have to dance. She wanted to win. And then the lights goes off and the spotlight was on her. And the next moment the Music started. ‘O rePiya’. He went on stage hold her hands and look direct through her eyes like seeing inside the soul and tear rolled down. But with every beat she took a step with him. She cried during the whole dance. She break into millions of pieces inside. Her parents meet with the accident and they both were dead on the spot. And she was dancing. Dancing when she knew have to be with them.

Her father use to say ‘Beta, You and our dreams matter to me the most.’ She was form a rajput family where such activity were discriminated. But her father supported her with every decision she took.

He was unknown to her. She was unknown to him. But He didn’t wanted her to cry. He wanted her to win. He was in love with her. Wanted to hold her. Neither he knew her problem her suffering but he knew how much this competition mattered to her. One of the best Dance completion and he wanted her to win. He hold her hand throughout the song. Saw the every tear falling from her eyes. But made her took every step with him.

And finally the song end- Curtain fall – and she fall on her knees- cried uncontrollable. And so is he with her. Hold her tight. She hide herself in his chest with all the pain.

And that was love with all the respect to show it never because one desperately. But it happen because god want it. Because he want all of us to have someone when because he can’t be present everywhere.

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