Sunday, January 13, 2013

Common Sense!

A lady bought some bathing soaps from a shop. When she opened one of the packets, she found that it was empty. There was no soap in there; it was just an wrapper! She lodged a complaint against a manufacture and got her claim. That being settled, there was a task before the management of the soap factory. How had this happened? How could they ensure that the incident did not occur again? They had suffered enough bad publicity besides having to pay the compensation to the lady.

After a detailed investigation, it was discovered, that during the process of wrapping, it so happened that inevitably, one or two wrapper did get through, no bar of soaps in them! There was no way to make out the difference between a full wrapper and empty one. The process of handling each one separately for this purpose seemed to be very cumbersome. So, the technical head was given the job of devising a method to overcome the problem. The man prepared a detailed report and proposed the setting up of a computer based system that would weigh and scan each bar, for the empty packs would not get detected by a normal x-ray machine. He proposed an expenditure of a large amount to put this system into a place.

The management heard him out and passed the order to release the funds and to buy the machinery that he had proposed. An uneducated worker said, “Excuse me Sir, for my impertinence, but I have a solution that shall cost a fraction of what you are planning to go in for.”

The management hesitated initially. But eventually they heard him out and agreed do try out his proposal. Next day, the worker brought a strong industrial fan. He put it at an angle near the convey belt on which the packed soaps bars were coming through and switched it on. The fan empty wrappers that came trough got blown off by the fan! The rest of them went past easily.

A simple solution, for a complex problem! Common sense is seldom common!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Shoe Box

A man and A woman had been married for more than 60years. They had been shared everything. They had talked about everything. They had kept no secrets from each other except that the old woman had a shoe box in the top of her closet that she had cautioned her husband never to open or ask her about.
For all these years, he had never thought about the box, but one day the old woman got very sick and the doctor said she would not recover. In trying to sort out their affairs, the old man took down the shoe box and took it to his wife’s beside.
She agreed that it was time that he should know what was in the box. When he opened it, he found two knitted doll and a large amount of money totaling 3Lakh.
He asked her about the contents. “When we were about to married,” she said, “My grandmother told me the secret of happy marriage was never to argue. She told me that if I ever got angry with you, I should just keep quiet and knit a doll.”
The Old man was so moved; he had to fight back tears. Only 2 precious dolls were in the box. She had only been angry with him twice in all the year of living and loving. He almost burst with happiness.
“Honey,” He said’ “that explains the doll, but what about all of these money? Where did it come from?”
“Oh,” she said “that’s the money I made from selling the doll”.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Its been years that I’m working in this Hospital as doctor. I have seen lot many cases here about mental disorders. People leave the support of other in Hard times. But Naina and Vishal were something different. Naina is my best friend. I remember 3 years back…

‘Oh My God! Naina you are looking Beautiful’ I exclaimed. Loud music were on. Lighting all over place. Naina was already most beautiful girl I ever seen on earth. She is perfect girl one can get. Bought up in High rich family extra intelligent for sure as she is Doctor. Height 5’3. Long hair. Just perfect. And today she’s looking more beautiful and why not she has her engagement today.
‘Smita Please, don’t make fun. I’m already a lot nervous today’ She said by handling her falling yellow pallu. She continued by asking ‘Rihaan will like me na today?’
Yes! I’m sure you must get it by now her FiancĂ© name is Mr.Rihan Rai. The most eligible bachelor Business tycoon. He had the most amazing personality in Chandigarh. Naina father and Rihaan father are business friend that’s how they each other.
I said ‘Naina you are seriously looking Awesomely beautiful.’ There was a knock on the door. I opened the door to see. ‘Beta! Bring Naina down. Everyone is waiting’ It was Naina’s Mother. I answered her ‘Yes aunty she’s all done. We are coming’. And that was a day when Rihaan and Naina got engaged. But there marriage was decided after 2 months.
Naina and Rihaan were not to much into each other. Naina was a down to earth girl while Rihaan was totally Vic versa. Naina always keep on impressing Rihaan but Rihaan was so busy in his work that they sometime don’t talk to each other for weeks. That’s why after engagement she’s in hospital. I said ‘I don’t understand Naina you and Rihaan just getting engaged just because of your  father. Why? I don’t say Rihaan is rich good looking and all just DON’T. Because you are not that type of girl’ She replied ‘Shhhh! We are in hospital. And well I know. Rihaan is not a guy I wanted but yeah there are thousand of Girls gets married to a guy who are not there type are that marriage is arranged marriage. Now shut up and get back to work’ Suddenly there was an urgent case of an accident came in hospital And all the authority was given to Naina. Vishal was his name. He tried to commit suicide. He’s suffering from Bipolar Disorder. In this the person develops a suicidal behavior. Naina is one of the talented doctor in our hospital. But our Head wanted Naina to give all his attention to this person only as He very serious and in his last stage. Naina was always looking for such patient as she wanted to do research on them. Vishal was a good and decent person. Even the background was good. Due to the Bipolar disorder he has a very immediate mood swings. Naina started spending her day and night with him. Its been 2 weeks I haven’t seen her. I called her one day as Rihaan called me up to know where is she. I got worried about her. ‘Naina where are you? Rihaan is so worried about you’. She sounded sleepy ‘Hi smita! I am at..’ A voice came from behind ‘Hi baby! Whose call it is’. I was shocked I didn’t know what was going on. I shouted on her ‘ Naina where are you? And whose that? Are you nuts or what? You have your marriage in some weeks’ She replied ‘Smita relax. We’ll meet and talk about this in one hour at CCD’. I didn’t wanted to reply. So I hang up. I finished all my appointment and reached CCD.  She was sitting in the corner seat. I have gone there and started ‘Yes! Explain.’ She explained everything ‘Smita! He’s my type of guy. I know about his disease. But its not a disease He needs love He needs me. Smita He’s going through a Financial instability, His Gf left her when he needed her. His parents died in a bomb blast! He’s not what all you think. He’s normal guy like you and me. He’s someone who is meant for me. I can’t live without him now Smita.’ I replied ‘Naina he’s having a Bipolar disorder. Mr.Khurrana have tested him on his own. And what about Rihaan and your family. Girl you are going it all wrong’. She replied ‘Smita! All I know I love him. And I know my family won’t accept us. So I have decided to runaway from here and live in Mumbai. You have to help us!’. But after knowing her love for him I was all convinced.
Now after 5 years I have realized my mistake for saying Yes to Naina. We 3 have been in Mumbai. Naina used to work as doctor in Mumbai city Hospital. And Vishal use to sit at home in which he lot many time tried kill himself. Naina gave him all her support to him she can. Vishal lot many time tried to her but still she never gave up on him. She loved him with all she can. I think that what made me steal a dead body of a girl from a morgue room and declined that body of Naina and proof it as a road accident. But when now after 5 years she’s actually DEAD. Vishal paroxysm of Bipolar disorder first made her burnt alive and then hang himself on death. I am sorry Naina I didn’t able to help you when you needed me most. Hope You’ll forgive me. RIP.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lover Of Life

I Miss myself in thousand smiling faces.
I miss myself in crowd of hundred walking legs.
I want to smile like a queen does.
I want to make history like a scientist does.
I always want to know what I can do
I say things, which I meant too.
People blame me for not being good at anything.
They never poked my heart for single time.
I feel of standing at some position in life.
So one can say She’s the lover of life.
I want to feel every single drop of tear with a smile.
By not letting other know what pain of soul means to ones life.
Life teaches me a lesson with every mistake of mine.
But I always become a loser in front of my eyes.
I try to stand up again all alone.
But again I fall with lost hope.
I feel like seeing life with more interesting ways.
But I always lose everything in a single jerk.
I don’t know what words meant for someone.
They are the strongest weapons for loved ones.
First word will pinch you at first.
Second will break you down once and for all.
My identity I so want to create
That the proud I feel for myself
And for other I don’t care.
I do well for the lonesome.
By the support and care I can provide.
I feel those happy faces near me.
I feel like a little angel for my sweet buddies.
I will gather my strength to answer My Lord.
I did his work with my purest heart.
I will prove myself  as lover of life. 

Friday, January 4, 2013

Unconditional Love

‘C’mon Samanth! You have an engagement tomorrow. At least be with us today.’ Akash called from behind.
‘Yeah Coming!’ I replied to them.
I continued with my call. ‘Jaan my friends are calling me. I need to go.  But you know na. I want you to select our rings. So we are meeting at Khurrana Jewelers at 12’
She replied ‘I know! Just go! I love you. Take care’
I replied ‘I love you too’
Jaan I mean Nisha. She is my life right now. I didn’t get to know when I fall for her. It was nearly 2 years back when my Naniya (Nani) called me up. I am a IT engineer working in Okhala, Delhi.  I was attending my meeting.  I rejected the call many time. But still naniya keep on calling me. I ask for break in between and went outside the conference hall and attend the call.
‘Yes naniya! What was so important? I was attending a meetin.’ I whisper on the call.
‘Samanth! I meet this girl. Her dadi is my best friend. She lives in Delhi only. She is very pretty and bought up in a nice family. Please just meet her once’ She replied
‘Naniya? Is this so much important than my meeting?’ I asked.
‘Samanth Is meeting is more Important than your naniya?’ She asked back.
‘Ok! Naniya no emotional torture. Just message me her number. I ‘ll talk to her and will fix up a date and time to meet. Happy? Now I am going. Take care. Bye’ I replied. I kept the call. And went back to attend the meeting.

After 5min I received a message from naniya ‘+91********* Nisha. Please be polite to her’ As I reached home I saw the naniya message again. And called on that number. A delighted voice came saying ‘Hello!’ That voice was something special. I didn’t know the reason. But it pleased me.
‘Hi! I am samanth. I am sure you dadi must have told you about me’ I said in polite manner.
‘Yeah! Hi samanth. My dadu did told me about you.’ She replied.
‘So can we meet tomorrow at 10AM at Select city walk?’ I asked
‘Umm yeah sure!’ She replied. I found her being nervous as her voice was shivering
I said ‘ Okay then see you tomorrow. Take care’
She also said ‘Take care’. We both hang up.
I reached at 10 there. I saw her standing and waiting for me near Colorbar showroom. She was something special Wheatish color complexion height approx. 5’4. In blue Toper, skinny jeans. Black Clutch. Long straight hair. I reached to her. Out of conciseness I asked ‘Hi! Nisha?’ She replied ‘ Hi Samanth.’
That was our first meeting or I’ll said a blind date fixed by our elder. We get to know so many things about each other. Night calls started. Concern took place. It just happened in only one month. She entered in my life like fairytale.
Naniya called called up one day. ‘Samanth, Did you like her?’. I replied ‘ Naniya! At least ask me How I am?’. Naniya in anger said ‘Samnath Nisha complain to her dadi. I asked you to be polite’ I paused her and said ‘ But Naniya she can’t say all this. She said to me she loved me then how it can be possible’ Naniya breaking my flow said ‘Oho! So things has come to far’. I got nervous. While she continued ‘We fixed your engagement next week. So close your work and be here in Chandigarh. Within 2 days’ Nisha and I both belongs to Chandigarh that’s how my naniya and her dadi know each other. I took a flight to Chandigarh as Nisha has left one day earlier than me.  We both decided to chose our engagement rings together as she wanted them to be special. And tomorrow is the day so I decided to meet her tomorrow.
Another day I was waiting for her at the shop. She has very bad habit of getting late. I don’t understand what these girls have to do so much with. Its been more than an hour. I called her but she didn’t pick up her call. I called her parents to but no one responded. I was getting a bad signal from inside. So I decided to go her home. I keep knocking her door no one showed up. Suddenly some of her neighbor came to me and asked ‘Who are you dear?’ I replied ‘Me and nisha are going to get engaged I tried calling her she’s not picking up her call and none of her Family members. Do you know where they are?’ He replied ‘Son, Nisha meet with a terrible accident this morning. They are in the city Hospital’ I was stunned. I didn’t know how to react. I just rush towards hospital. I asked about her. Nurse pointed towards the ICU.  I was feeling breathless. I ran towards the the ICU. Doctor just came out and said ‘I’m sorry! We tried our best. She can listen you all. She can see you. But she can’t respond you. She went in coma.’
Now after 2 years. Or I should say after the 2 years of happy married life of mine I am buying a beautiful necklace for my wife. I am sure she going to be very angry on me saying ‘Its our anniversary and still you are late’. I reached home She is wearing diamond Magalsutar which I gifter her at last anniversary. That red bindi of her always take my breath away. I entered by saying ‘Sorry jaan! Actually I gave an order for a necklace and that jeweler made me late. See I got it for you.’ I told you she’s gonna be angry with me. I kept necklace aside hold her hands and said ‘Jaan, like always I ask for this gift and today also I ask for the same. Just talk to me. Please just talk to me’ a drop of tear rolled down from my cheeks.I whispered in her ear, ‘Nisha, Naniya must be so happy by seeing both of us from heaven, Together. I love you, Jaan!’