Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Personifying Colors

There are so many colors of life. But the main differentiation is made between Dark/Bright. Which color pinches you and which colors refine you. You never know. There are thousand colors that brighten up you similarly there are thousand Colors that brings you down.
Some lil jokes some lil words.. makes your day bad. Some time that beam of light coming from behind the window shine up your room. That beam is so exotic. Gives a perfect touch to your mood. The girl put up these things in a decency corner while the guy plays with the dust particles in it.
When that ray comes behind the tree they name it a effect A Tyndall effect. Resting under a tree in the arms of lover and the beam touches you. You feel it like a heaven the words are sometime feel so pro-founded. Moments is special the reality is beautiful. There are many moments many shades of life just changed by a finch of colors. 
'Rango ke ada he alag h. Rango ka raaz he alag h. Sundar ye har Roop main h par inka asar akar main alag h.' 

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  1. Bahut badhiya likha hai Lizzy...
    Last ki line ne to dil chhu liya...
    I am proud of Sis