Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Edge of Desire.

When you keep on doing best and keep on waiting for the Perfect outcome. The ray of hope, The longing of sunshine, Behind that lime light.. behind the world of dream there Hides a Perfect World of Color. But that colors only belongs to you when that Desire of lust is true. That shower of blessing comes to you when still hang to that edge. The positivity grows inside you with every single moment. 
The colors of worlds are so different every color give new sense of emotion. Every phase of life makes us learn something good or bad! Surroundings brings great changes in us.When time passes by everyone mistake have signaling effect on them even on the people around them. Lust makes do many things. Lust of fame, Lust of Money and Lust of love. We desire so much. Every moments make us stronger and tougher till we reach at the edges. A lil push makes Negative and Lil hope makes Shine.. That desire keeps going on stronger with shine (Lust)Story of desire. That hope which bring us to edge by breaking its breath. Still living it alive. Free from fear. Ray of hope to shine. Brings you more closer to the basic things of life. 
               Making you relive 'Edge of desire'

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