Saturday, January 5, 2013

Lover Of Life

I Miss myself in thousand smiling faces.
I miss myself in crowd of hundred walking legs.
I want to smile like a queen does.
I want to make history like a scientist does.
I always want to know what I can do
I say things, which I meant too.
People blame me for not being good at anything.
They never poked my heart for single time.
I feel of standing at some position in life.
So one can say She’s the lover of life.
I want to feel every single drop of tear with a smile.
By not letting other know what pain of soul means to ones life.
Life teaches me a lesson with every mistake of mine.
But I always become a loser in front of my eyes.
I try to stand up again all alone.
But again I fall with lost hope.
I feel like seeing life with more interesting ways.
But I always lose everything in a single jerk.
I don’t know what words meant for someone.
They are the strongest weapons for loved ones.
First word will pinch you at first.
Second will break you down once and for all.
My identity I so want to create
That the proud I feel for myself
And for other I don’t care.
I do well for the lonesome.
By the support and care I can provide.
I feel those happy faces near me.
I feel like a little angel for my sweet buddies.
I will gather my strength to answer My Lord.
I did his work with my purest heart.
I will prove myself  as lover of life. 

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