Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cocktail Bride

High heels, Short dresses, messed up hair and a bottle of beer in dark night. Empty roads walking in center of the road unaware of the cars passing by her. Its Delhi roads never calm down. But the traffic was much lighter as obvious its almost near 2’oclock at night. And then a car with full flash of light which almost have collapsed her. She put her hand on her face from high light. He keep looking at her with shock expression which later turn into innocence as she removes her hand from her face. She was small heighted, long messed up hair, fair complexion and an innocent face. She was highly drunk at that moment and in a sec she fainted in front of his car.
He had no option other that to put her in his car and took her to his home. And then sunrise high and first pure light on her face passing through the window woke her up. She hold her hand in her hand and try to remember about the last night and place she is. There was a knock on her door then. She grabbed her blanket and said in a calm voice ‘Yes’. That was the first time she looked at him 5’11 height, Fair, perfect body fit and a calm face. He was holding a tray in his hand. He Brought up her breakfast. And said ‘Good Morning’. She was confused. He continued ‘Hi, I am Rihaan. This is my place. Actually at night..’ He told her the whole story and in the condition he found her. Finally she got a a little relief after talking to him. She said ‘Thank you. Thank you for all the part you did for me. I am Vidya. Umm way to washroom?’

He replied ‘Yes. Its just there. Here are some clothes hope they fit you.’ He leave the room after that.
She came out of the room after getting fresh. She was looking Just perfect as one can. A peacock color Patiala suit was as dynamic as her. She looks sober and sweet much better than night. The house is well decorated with flower like some marriage ceremony going on. She shouted from far ‘Rihaaaan’
He was embarrassed as all the member in house start looking at him.
‘Sorry’ She said with all the innocence in her. He smiled back. She doesn’t seem to be comfortable in that cloth. He asked ‘Any problem?’
‘Yes, a little actually a big. Can we go out somewhere to talk. Please’ She requested.
He nodded his head and pull out his car. And he took her to cafĂ© nearby. They both ordered the same coffee with a same spoon of sugar. He started ‘Vidya, say?’
‘I need a help from you. I know it’s a little time we have meet but I don’t know anyone in this country.’ He gave the shock expression at first. ‘ I am from New york. Yes, see my father died in the in a car accident. My step mother and her son brought me up here. They took all my property and thrown me out. They have my passport and I don’t have penny to go back. I just want a few days from you to give me a place to stay.’ With a tear in her eyes she asked.
He put her hand on her hand and said ‘You can take your time. My sister’s wedding is going on. I hope it wont be a problem for my family to arrange one more guest.’
‘Thank you. And one more help I am not use to wearing these type of clothes. Can i?’ she asked.
‘Umm.. sorry. My family wont allow that and that to in this celebration. I hope you’ll understand.’ He replied.
‘Mmm. Ok I’ll try to manage. You are already helping me a lot. And Just to return you the favor I want to help you and your family with this marriage if you wont mind.’ She asked.
And he smiled and they both left the cafe.
She was perfect for her as he was for her. They started sharing feeling a touch in all those days. Special moments.
They even use to fight on right and on the wrong thing. The color of the dress for bride. She become special to his family as well.
They already filed an application for her stolen passport. She was part of his family now. Everyone got attach to her. More than everyone he was attached to her. He was into her. He started to live her. So did she. But no one have the guts to tell to each other. Even they both don’t know about what they feel for each other. Untill she got her passport.
She have to leave India as her visa got expired already.
She put her old high heels with Patiala suit which is now she is used to. She gone down with the passport and ticket he arranged for her. She was looking down. She didn’t wanted to leave either.
She was leaving just after the Marriage. He tried talking to her many of the time. He wanted to tell her what he feels for her. How much he want her in his life. But the Guest didn’t gave them a moment to talk. Finally he hold her hand and took her outside. ‘Don’t go. Everyone need you here. Forget everyone, I need you here. You have become so important to me that I cant even tell you. I love you. I promise you. I will take care of you. And wont even let you go anywhere. I wont go anywhere. Please stay.’ He said.
A tear roll down her eyes. ‘Me too. I want to stay. I will never get a family like this ever. I will never get a person like You ever. But..’

He hold her hand He took her inside the Mandap. He put the sindoor on his head. And got married to her with all the customs. None of the family member disagreed. She looked at him and kissed him in front of everyone saying ‘I love you’ That made her a perfect Cocktail Bride with her high black heels.

Photo Credits : Tarun Chawla Photography

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