Thursday, July 24, 2014

Song : Shorthand of emotion

There are 2 basic reasons we like a song. One is that we like the heart touching lyrics and another is that we like the soothing and pleasurable music.
Its well said.. ‘We enjoy music when we are happy but we understand it's lyrics when we are sad’.
 ‘Every song has its different story for an Individual person. Music is the strongest form of Magic.’
Song = Music + Lyrics.
Music = Instrumental.
Well, music can be anything that relaxes your mind and soul or enjoyment of a particular moment. Like, enchanting music of Nature (Waterfall and chirping birds), Blissful morning.
I wanted to quote few lines of my 4 favorite songs and the meaning of those lines according to me. Stories that those lines create in my head. Its very much interesting how those lyrics take me to a totally different world. And, I'm pretty sure that you all must have been through such an experience at least once in a lifetime.
So, Let me start..
1.) Zaroorat – EK Villain By Mithoon

‘Tere jism ki woh khushbuein
Ab bhi inn saanson mein zinda hai
Mujhe ho rahi inse ghutan
Mere gale ka ye phanda hai’

This song is made up for a particular situation when you miss someone the most. When you live for someone and that someone is not there by your side anymore. But, these specific 4 lines can also be a different side of a person which could be anger. When you want to get rid of that person but still that person still run through your Vein.
‘Mujhe tere Zaroorat h’ .. I need you to complete me. I want you to give me a reason to live my life. ‘Miss you’ 

2.) Samjhawan( Unplugged) – Humpty Sharma Ki Dhulania by Alia Bhatt.
‘Mere dil ne chun laiyaan ne
Tere dil diyan raahan
Tu jo mere naal tu reta
Turpe meriyaan saaha’

This song is small and sweet and one of those songs which made me think out of the box. There's a little story related to it.
Party just before a marriage.. And let this song be dedicated to a Father by her daughter. ‘ My heart follows your way… I have your blessings on me.’
Now, Father gives his daughter hand in would be son-in-law.

‘Ve changa nahi o keeta beeba
Ve changa nahi o keeta beeba
Dil mera tod ke
Ve bada pachtaiyaan akhaan
Ve bada pachtaiyaan akhaan
Naal tere jod ke.’

She is happy being with her husband but have to leave her father for the Man he loves. ‘I have to leave my father because I love you.’ And that’s the saddest part.

3.) Laal Ishq – Ramleela By Arijit Singh

‘Apna naam badal dun
Ya tera naam chhupa lun
Ya chhod ke saari aag
Main vairaag utha lun
Bas ek rahe mera kaam ishq’

Love has no boundaries. One who is in love sees nothing.. not even his/her full name. Yes, Caste. Love is above ever thing.
‘Jab pyar apni zidd pe ata h toh who kisi ki nahi sunta.. khud ki bhi nahi’ . One of the most prettiest stories related to this song is Romeo-Juliet, Heer-Ranjha.

4.) Thode Badmash – Saawariya by Shreya Ghosal

Thode Badmash Ho Tum
Thode Nadan Ho Tum
Haan Magar Yeh Sach Hai
Hamari Jaana Ho Tum’

Few special things about this song are.. One cry and laugh at the same time. I dedicated this song to krishan ji when I thought being meera for him. But well than my dad said its an easy way to runaway from your work. God is in your work towards society.
But yes it's just like him.. Naughty but I have all my trust in him. My blind faith on him and my love for him is this one song.
Sorry, I said few thing and I got stuck on one. Well another slow music. Detailed in fewer words. And old music. …’Hehehe.. Badmash’

So, keep listening. It's more than music and lyrics. It's your thought process.

‘Music can change the world because it can change the People.’

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  1. these songs have been floated me in love when I sung these songs I involve love and music is also great