Thursday, May 30, 2013

Washed up by Tides

Belonging from small city always gives an inspiration to see big dreams. This place is actually Village. In which people live because they were born there or some because the peace is an exception. But I always seen a big dreams to live in a big city to work according to my dreams. So I studied but this village don’t give an opportunity to study well. All I knew a little English and Counting to hundred. But I wanted to run away from here and I knew it well I can’t and one day A family came up in search of a mattress who knows a little English and counting. Who want a girl to handle there two children due to the busy schedule of there. And being the only person in my village who is little educated they picked me up.

It was a big house. Family has many servants for there different work. But still they make me sleep in the kitchen. The light entering in the kitchen at night never let me sleep. The sound of the busy city was too harsh to bear at night. I even asked them to let me sleep in living room but they never allowed. Its been almost 3 months that I haven’t slept properly. And one night fed up from the Big cities light and sound I went under the staircase. I folded my legs and wrapped my arms and cry loudly. Sobs to take out the irritation out of me. And then I met him. It was nearly 1 at night. He came up from the late night show. He was just an another servants of there. He came close removed my hands to see my face and stop me from crying. And then asked me ‘Priya, What’s wrong?’
And I replied ‘The night is long and the city is too big and I don’t want to go back home.’
He continued ‘I don’t want to go back home either. And I don’t want you to go back anywhere. All I know I have been destined in this city for so many years just to meet you.’
I looked up to her and smiled. And That’s how I met him.

The family next day was planned to got to Parabel I was excited cause then I can meet Raj freely. Even we both were excited to meet each other freely. He keep on teasing me with the song ‘Main ghar ma akeli hoon aja balma’. But the family told me they want me to come with them as well. I give lot many excuse but they didn’t listen to any of them.
When I went to Parabel I experienced a heaven. The Swings, cottages, Balconies, Sound of tides, Yellowish sand, Black sand.

When I came back after a week from parable I was feeling free. Relaxed and more pulled toward love. At night when Raj use to come to meet me  I was started becoming more comfortable towards him. Showing more love and gesture. And keep on telling him about the Parabel.
But Raj told me he never liked Tides and waves. And the sand in which his foot get disappear never been his taste. But still I was mad about that place. When the family made the plan about parable again. I jumped with excitement. ‘Raj we are going again, and I am so excited.’ He replied ‘ Good I am happy for you.’ He said that he was happy but on his face there was null happiness for me. I asked him hundred time if something is wrong but he never replied back.

I went to parable again. I was standing on the window with other two servants a lady cook and a driver. We were talking to each other about our life. I was worried about raj. But then I saw him near the bamboos trees. I was about to call his name when I noticed he was trying to hide himself from me to keep an eye on me. I was disappointed so I left the place. It was a restaurant where we headed for dinner it was a covered restaurant. I was handling baby from one hand and having food from another. I didn’t talk much this time as I don’t wanted too. The later on we left the restaurant I made both the children fall asleep and left to be near beach. I knew he was there..’Raj, What the matter is? Are you thinking I am cheating on you?’
He replied ‘No. I am sure you are not. But my insecurity pull me here.’
He shuts his eyes knowing he can cry any minute now. He continued ‘Night is too long, the stars too bright, the seas too loud and yet, I cannot bear to go back without you. I cannot bear to be anywhere without you.’
I fall in his arms and wiped his tears and Kissed him on the beach I was love in. And decided to be together always as we both cannot live without each other.

(P.S. Inspired by Annie Zaidi Love stories)

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