Saturday, May 25, 2013

When Writer Loves You

‘I am writer the one who writes the story bout others. The story to know what it can feel to other person whose experiencing it. The one whose going through all ups and downs. Basically if there’s a story it will have an ups and Downs.’ I said.
‘But Mr. Khan have you experience theses ups and downs? Your stories are mor
e about Love. Have you experienced this love in real?’ A journalist asked.
I laugh a little ‘One can not right a story without experiencing it unless he’s copying it.’ I replied.
‘So, You fell in love. But you never wrote a story about yourself. Why? And you never bought your Ladylove to these Press conference.’ Another Journalist ask.
‘I am do not want to. I like keeping my life little personal.’ I took a pause ‘Thank you for arranging the press conference. That’s all for today. We continue at the next time.’ I get up and leave.
I took a one bottle from bar and left the Conference. Gear up the car and went back to my house straight to the terrace. That’s where I saw her first time. That’s the place where I started writing about my first book which was never been published.
Back 4 years ago..
I was trying to write a story without any story. I developed a character. A girl with all his simplicity. The one who has the nature of helping others. I developed an another character. A myself - rich and getting things without struggle. They were happy in there life. But I wanted them meet in coffee shop like an accident. Just as I meet Shanaya. She was handling so many thing in one tray and I filing up my paper and we both  meet an accident.
‘Do you know how much costly is that? Are you blind?’ She said in all anger.
‘And do you know thing money can come back. But these paper can’t come back?’ I replied in same anger.
‘I am sorry. It was my mistake.’ She replied.
The way she said sorry without take fight too long was something amazing. I wonder such person still exist one who won’t fight for there money and feel guilty for others hard work in vain.
‘Its okay! It was mine mistake too. Sorry!’ I replied.
She was wearing white blue suit. Long hair pushing her front hair continuously toward back of her ears. I didn’t able to believe it was all like I have written for my book. I keep falling for that Girl character and keep making her fall with boy.
She entered in my office that day. ‘Sir please may I come in?’
‘Yes!’ I replied. ‘You?’
‘Sir! Aaa…’ She was out of words.
‘Relax! Please sit. I think god want me too meet you. I think it’s the best way to got through our punishment. You help in completing my paper work you destroyed. I pay back money. Right?’
She smile and replied ‘ I think so. I am Shanaya Phaluki sir.
On the other hand, My story was about the girl. The way she thinks more about others than her happiness. The way she puts up all her effort to make other happy. When Shanaya enter my life she was the same.
I keep falling for the character as keep falling for Shanaya. And so in Shanaya with me. And in few times we in love with each other.
But Soon I realize there something different in shanaya. She keep on forgetting the little things. I didn’t took it seriously in starting. But the limits occur when She put took a bath 1 hour ago and then serving me a breakfast she said ‘I haven’t taken a bath from morning. I might get late today.’ I keep on to her. I told her ‘Shanaya, You took a bath 1 hour ago.’ I went close to her and hold her hands shanaya I think we should see a doctor. She didn’t replied just nodded.
We went doctor. She examined her. ‘Mr. Khan its serious. She is suffering from Schizophrenia i.e., she will experience the thing which might never happen. She might forgot keep forgetting the thing or might completely forget her past. I was completely in shock. ‘How can I treat her?’ I asked out of my consciousness.
Doctor replied ‘ There are no such treatment. We have mental rehabilitation center for them.’
A tear rolled down my eyes. ‘I cant lose her.’
I went out shanaya was waiting for me. ‘Mr.Khan where were you? I was waiting from you too long. Don’t we have to see a doctor?’ I looked to her and hugged tightly and Break into tears.
I ended my book with the same but I didn’t wanted to publish it. Cause the pain was mine and don’t wanted to share the pain. Cause this pain was her love to me.
‘Sir, Ma’am is not eating the food.’ Servant said.
I went to her. ‘Hi, I am Asar khan. And I love you from the time I say. I want to have a dinner with you.’
She replied instyle. ‘But I don’t know you. (Well she actually didn’t). And what are you doing in my husband house ( She remember the husband’s house but not the Husband)’
I controlled my tear and looked straight into her eyes and said ‘I love you’
She fell into my arms and said ‘Where were you? You know na I don’t eat food without you.’
We have the dinner. And she again forgot who was I and who was she. I made her sleep and went back to writing my new book for her. To keep her alive every time.

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