Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mafia and Love

Dark night in the jungle. Not single leaf was moving. It was silent all over the place. I was out there with my friends for campaign. It was almost a midnight everyone was asleep when I hear a someone’s cry. I went out to see. I keep on following the cry. It was of some child. I didn’t notice I came real far from the campaign. Something hurt my leg when I was walking I feel down I saw It was a child He was almost 5 year old, tied with thread hands and legs. I tried to untied the children suddenly I hear a gun shot. Someone try to shoot me. I took the child in my arms and run but as soon as I stand up there was a guy standing in front of me. Gun in his hand perfect body Properly dressed. He hit me with the end of the gun. And I lost my consciousness and fell down.

When I open my eyes I was sleeping next to the Kid. The room has the traditional d├ęcor. I wake up the kid and try to runaway with him to protect him. Kid was saying the Name again and again ‘Raj’. But I have to take him out of this hell safe. I reached the Living room. The same Guy was standing there in the hall.
‘Leave the kid!’ He said in very harsh manner.
‘I won’t. What type of person you are. Kidnapping a Kid. Shame on you!’ I said in High voice to threat them.
‘I said leave the Kid. If you want to go out safe from here leave him.’ He said by giving warning.
Then he shouted ‘ Kaka! Kaka! Take Veer from her.’
Kaka was an old man. He look like a servant who work for his home.
Kid himself said ‘Kaka!’ And said ‘Leave me!’ And ran toward the old man.
I was standing shocked.
‘He’s my child. And now I can’t let you go from here. You have to be here till the time I’m sure you are not any threat to me.’ He took a pause and ordered the Kaka to take me in. And look towards me and asked with all the proud he has ‘What’s your name?’
I answered ‘Gauri Shikre’
‘Call your family. Whatever you want to say just speak and keep the call. No need to tell them about this.’ He said with the anger and I called my family in front of him.
‘Ai( Mom)?’ I said on call as Ai picked up the call.
‘Gauri? Where are you? You campaign members called and said you are missing. We all worried here.’
‘Ai, I have to leave Delhi for some office work I’ll be there in few days Don’t worry about me.’ And keep the call.

Me and Veer become a good friends. It’s been one week I was there but Raj (Veer’s dad) Never tried to talk to me. Exactly after one week He asked me to go. When I was leaving Veer hold my Duppata and said ‘Gauri, You’ll come daily na? If you will. I will daily drink milk on time.’ The innocence on the face of Veer made me convinced to come daily to meet him. But whenever I see Raj He always see me with the angry look.

One day, when I made Veer a sleep. I asked Kaka about Raj. ‘Kaka! What does this Raj do? Where is Veer's mother? What was going on that night?’
‘Beta!’ Kaka sat down and start answering ‘Raj, Belongs to a mafia. Yes! He’s one of a bad guy. But he wasn’t like this. Raj was 21 year old when he use to work Under ‘Desai’. Desai are the Mumbai’s Mafia don. All the mafia works under him. Raj was just an Manger of his. He doesn’t know about the mafia thing. Raj fell in love with Panchi Desai. Desai’s daughter. They both knew when Desai we’ll get to know about it. He’ll kill them both so they both ran away from there and got married. Desai wanted to kill them they keep on running from places to place for 2 years and in this Panchi got a baby boy. When she was in hospital Desai killed her but Raj somehow manage to take Veer from there and From then Raj wanted to take the revenge from Desai for Panchi’s Death and Desai still wanted to finish Veer and Raj. And that day Veer was Kidnapped by Desai’s people.’

A tear roll down from my cheeks. Before I say a word I saw Raj was standing out on the door. He had gun shot on his arm. Kaka and me ran towards him. Kaka made him sleep on couch and bought a candle and knife. I said ‘Kaka, I think we should take him to a doctor?’
Kaka replied ‘He belongs to mafia. Hospital will need a Police report. So, let me do my work.’
I stand there and keep on watching. Kaka’s hand were shivering. When he said ‘I am getting old I can’t do this. Gauri you have to do this for me.’
I was in shock and replied ‘But…’ before I can complete he hold me the knife and said ‘I keep on instructing you do the way I am telling you.’ And in some minutes the bullet was out. I stitched it. And sat near him till he woke up. I woke up in morning. My Duppata got stuck under raj ‘s hand when I tried to pull it Raj woke up. His eye’s meet mine. We keep on looking to each other. Suddenly a pain rises in Raj’s arm. And he shouted ‘What are you doing here?’
‘I was trying to help you out.’ I shouted in same pitch.
‘I don’t need your help. Just leave!’ He shouted in same tone again.
I pick up my bag and was about to leave. Suddenly I saw Raj screaming due to pain and put my ego aside. And said to him ‘I am not going anywhere. I am going to be with you.’
‘What problem do you have? I don’t need you. I said na Just leave.’
‘I also told you na. I am not going means I am not going.’
‘Fine be here!’
I started being with him. Taking all time care of him. I admit somewhere I started to fall in love with him. And I knew it well he was all in love with Panchi and I have no chance. But I don’t know why I have the feeling that somewhere he started to like me too.

We went out as Veer wanted to have dinner out. Suddenly People attacked us. We ran out of there. We went in the basement of the house. Veer and I was hiding while raj was fighting with them. I peak out of there. Someone is about to shoot Raj from behind  I came in between. And bullet pass though my chest.
‘Gauri!’ He screamed.
‘Raj! Don’t scream.’
‘Who the hell asked you to be out of there?’ He asked in the anger.
‘Raj, I know you’ll save me. But if you didn’t able to let me tell you I love you!’
‘I know! I was afraid to tell the same that I love you too. Cause whom ever I loved God has taken that person away from me. That’s why I never loved Veer and you too.’
I fainted the next moment. When I opened my eyes I was in his bedroom. He was holding my hand. ‘Raj!’ I said.
He stood up and said ‘This your passport and tickets for you Veer and kaka. You all are leaving for dubai.’ Before I can say anything he continued. He hold my hands and said ‘ Gauri, I was always afraid to love someone now when I love you I can’t risk your life. And I know you want to stay with me but Gauri, Veer is my life I am giving you my life Take care of it. As soon as I done with my work I’ll leave all this and start a safe and new life. Panchi is still my life and I have to take her revenge. Please! Be by my side always and leave.’
‘Raj, I respect your love for Panchi. I will do everything as you’ll say but I need a something in return.’
‘What?!’ He asked. And I replied ‘Marry me!’
He kissed my forehead and the next day we got married and the same day I left for Dubai. Its been almost 3 months I haven’t seen raj not even listened his voice due all the risk involved. In a week a some unknown person will come and tell us How he is there. And sent our details to Raj.

‘ Door ho fir bhi pass ho. Tumhari Intezar mein zindgi nikal denge. Lekin tumhe Khud se kabhi juda na hone denge.’

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