Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I Love You!

They Dancing in the rain middle of the road at midnight not caring about the people what they think. Just lost so much in each other. All they cared how tightly they are holding each other. How deeply they are in love with each other.
She wanted this all her life. A person who love her not for her beauty or for her fame but for her madness. World name her Tiara a crown a pride but He called Love for one he want to live for.
He Whispered in her ears ‘I love you.’ While holding from her back and kissed near ear.
She just smile with all of her shyness. He hold her in his arms and took her into her bungalow made her slept on her soft cushioned bed. She don’t want him to leave. She hold his hand and just want to get close want to tell him how much she loves him. They made love whole night. In morning a light crosses the window. She woke up with stretching her hands fluffing her hairs. While he was sleeping she ran her hand on his hair and kissed him on forehead and went to make a coffee for both of them. She was smiling like some New world has started for her which she wanted all long. She goes back and sit near him. He hold her tight from back and drink coffee while talking.
‘Sapna, Lets get married before this world start asking you question.’ He said while holding her hands.
She looked into his eyes deeply it was all yes. This is what all she wanted. He rubbed his cheeks brought his hand near her neck and pulled close to kiss. And then she falls in his arms.
Sapna Singh Rathore India’s on going best actress and Raj Shekhawat a  just one of a Sapna’s fan. By profession a Young non established doctor. They meet when Sapna meet an accident in some premier and she wasn’t so famous. They been good friends from then. And sooner become world to each other. And they both realized it when Raj needs to go out of station for some conference and the same day she was all busy in her shootings. She didn’t even get time to talk to him. When Raj has his flight she ran away from the Press conference and went Airport running on her barefoot. She was on the gate of entrance without passport and He was inside they put there hands on glass wall and looked in each other eyes. And She said it ‘I LOVE YOU’ And that’s how it all begin.

‘Sapna, Are you getting married?’, Ria her best fried came in knocking in the door. And she replied ‘Yes. Raj Finally ask for it.’
‘I am super excited for it.’ She shouted
‘And I more than you.’ And she smiled with blush.
Sapna lost her parents in a car accident when she was 10 and bought up by his uncle who work in Film industry that how she ended up becoming an actress and Raj has his Only mother at home. Who like Sapna even being an actress Sapna been a simple and adorable girl.
Raj mother fixed up the Marriage date after 2Months.

But as the dates of marriages was coming near she started staying away from Raj. And sometime use to reply rudely.
‘Sapna, What’s wrong with you?’ He asked a normal tone. He just invited her for dinner and she constantly keep on ignoring him.
‘Nothing, I just don’t want to go out.’ She replied.
‘Okay then we’ll have dinner at your home.’ He insisted.
‘Raj, Please leave me alone. I don’t want to be with you.’ She replied rudely and hang up the call.
Raj didn’t able to sleep whole night. Sapna never behaved like this. Even in public she always use to hold his hand. He decided to see her up next morning.
He’s at her home. ‘Good Morning Sir, Ma’am is not at home.’ Her servant greeted him in after saying this.
Raj waited for almost 5 hours but she didn’t came.
When only one week was left for marriage she left a note for him
“Dear Raj,
May be whatever I am going to say you’ll break apart but I am sorry I can’t marry you. I am leaving you and this country forever. Do not try to look up for me. And yeah you must be want to know the reason. I am in love with someone else. Film Industry is like that only better package Got a standard man of my class. Take care.
He wasn’t broken he just refused to agree with that Letter. ‘It wasn’t her. There is something else. This is not possible. She can never do this.’ He fall down his knees and cried like baby.
He keeps on looking for her. He didn’t even cancel the wedding date He was sure he’ll bring her back but a day before marriage Raj went to her house he has the another key of her house. He looked out everything in her room. He found a paper in the trash. It was from Nanavati Hospital. It said at all. She had a Brain tumor it was her final stage. She was getting weak that’s why she always keep on ignoring him. He ran for Hospital. But they said she left an hour ago.
He didn’t know where to look for here. There marriage was about to start. Guest were already arrived. Suddenly a thing strike his mind from her old letter. She’s about to leave the country. Without even thinking without wasting a minute he ran for his life.
He broke all the rules of airport and entered in and shouted ‘Saaaaapnaaaa’ And get on his knees. And cried ‘Please come baby this life isn’t possible without you.’ The police held up back after listening this. He was about to faint when a his head fell down on a someone’s lap. He opened up his eyes. It was Sapna on wheelchair. She didn’t even have the stamina to stand she was weak she almost lost all her weight.
‘What do you think of yourself? How can you leave me like that? How can you even think your one letter will make me hate you? How did you even dare to judge my love for you?’ He asked with the tear rolling down his cheeks.
‘Raj, But I am about die. We are not meant to be together. If I told you about my health you won’t be able to move forward in your life. I want you to live your life. I want you to be happy. If I would have left you with a unreplied I love you might be one day you’ll forget me.’ She replied while holding his hand.
‘I won’t let you happen anything. Just marry me Sapna. I promise I will live my life happily. I want your name with me. It will give me reason to smile. I want to be there with you by my side always. This life is made for you. And you have no rights to leave me. I beg you Sapna marry me I’ll die without you.’
‘But you have to promise me something.’ She said.
‘Whatever you say.’ He replied.
‘You’ll live your life after I’ll die.’ She asked.
He just put down his face in her lap and cried. ‘Raj, Its our marriage. Aren’t we getting late?’ She asked.
As he stand up she hold his hand he looked down to her. There eyes meet each other. She said with all her love for him ‘I love you. I love you a lot.’
And an un replied I love you were fulfilled there. He hold up in his arms and took her in his arms to the marriage hall.
And then they happily got married forever.

‘Sapna!’ Raj put down his bag on table as he returned from His hospital.
‘Yesss!’ A sweet voice came from in. He entered in the room.
‘Did you had your lunch?’ He asked while he held her up in his arms.
‘No, Papa. I was waiting for you.’ And a little girl kissed him. ‘Daddy, come fast I am hungry.’ And she left the room.
Raj opened one of his drawer. There was a Sapna’s picture. He kissed it and said ‘I love you girl. She’s just like another you.’
Sapna died after 2 weeks of their marriage. Then Raj adopted a 5 year old girl and name her Sapna. Sapna wanted him to start find a new partner so he never left alone. And so he found a new Sapna.

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