Saturday, March 2, 2013

Sudden Accidents

‘I Like the chef Amar. See the color of baked onions its crispy brown.’ I said.
‘Then get married to him Koyal.’ He replied in anger.
‘You serious?! I would love too.’ I asked with mesmerizing my eyes.
‘Shut up! Koyal. I am trying discuss about our marriage but it doesn’t seem you are even interested. Do you want to marry me or not?’ I said out of frustration And why not? As I was trying to deviate our marriage topic.
‘Amar, I don’t want to get married right now. I have my studies to complete.’ I replied by holding his hand.
‘You are doing your PG course. You are already done with the Graduation.’ He said.
‘After marriage I can’t study. Please try to understand.’ I replied.
At another moment Amar phone rang up.
‘Lets go Koyal I leave you at House. I have some important meeting. We’ll discuss it later.’
I made an Idiotic faces. Stand up and put my hands around his neck.
‘Koyal! What are you doing? It’s a Public place.’
‘Shona! Don’t worry I love you a lot sweetie My life is almost impossible without you.’
We both looked at each and smiled. He rubbed his nose to mine and said ‘Lets go madam.’
He dropped me at home. And came home late night. We use to live together.
‘Hmm.. Came so early baby?’ I asked sarcasm on the door.
‘You see I have two girlfriends I need to give time to both.’ He replied.
‘Yeah whatever.’ I went into kitchen to serve dinner.
I didn’t even get to know when Amar came in. And Hugged me from behind. And whispered in my ears. ‘Koyal be my life partner. I never been so sure about anything in my life more than you.’
I turned my face little and kissed him. ‘I am hungry.’
He tooked a deep breathe and said ‘Koyal!’
And more sweetly I replied ‘Amar!’
We had dinner together. And then went to bed.
I always used to sleep on his arms. ‘Amar, We always going to sleep on same pillow doesn’t matter how angry we are from each other.’
‘Okay! And then?’
‘I’ll come above you. And move my hands in your hair.’
‘Okay! Then’ He asked by giving naughty smile.
‘I don’t know’ I said out of shyness.
And we made love whole night long.

It was near 5’o clock when Amar phone rang up.
I never found him so tensed then this. I tried to ask but he was so tensed that he just packed his bag and leave in hurry! And just I’ll be back soon.
Weeks keep on passing on but Amar never called up. After a month a door bell rang. I went to open then door. It was Amar. I wanted to hug him. But he didn’t allowed me to do that. 2-3 peoples where with him. He packed up all his things.
Till all the packages were loading in truck. I ask him.. ‘Amar What’s going on?’
‘Everything is over Koyal.’ He replied.
‘I am not getting anything?’ I asked.
‘My mom passed away. She just wanted a one thing from me. She wanted me to get married. I am a married man now.’ A tear rolled from his eyes. He fell down on knees and continued ‘Please forgive me Koyal. I can never love anyone more than you. Its was hardest part.’
I didn’t know what to say. And he left. He left forever.

After 8 years In mall.

‘Mom! I am going at PlayStation.’ Shreya said.
Shreya is my 5 year old Baby girl. After 3 years Amar left me I completed my studies and got married to Shree. He is in Dubai for some meeting.
‘Yes baby!’ I replied.
‘Mumma meet Arpit. We both meet at Playstation.’
‘Hi Arpit. Where’s your mom?’
‘Aunchi (Aunty) Mumma ish (is) Not here. Papa came with me.’
A voice came from behind. ‘Arpit!’
I turned up and see It was amar. We both keep looking to each other.
‘Hi, Have a seat?’
He took a seat and asked ‘ How are you?’
‘I am good. You?’
‘Fine. So she is your daughter?’
‘Yeah. Arpit is really cute.’
‘Hehe.. Thanks. Shreya too.’
Out of all his guts he asked ‘Have you been lonely?’
And out of all my guts I replied ‘People in love are never lonely.’
And we smiled together.

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