Sunday, February 24, 2013

Balcony Love

If there is no Romeo and Juliet might be balcony’s have never played a great role in love stories. Well being Mumbai girl standing in a balcony is like you are trying to breathe and in some moments u realize its better to breathe inside the house. Busy Roads, Beeping horns mmm.. well it irritates me. But I live on the fifth floor where sun rays directly came into my room from that balcony. I never thought to cover up with curtain cause without curtain it give me a filmy look. I love to work sitting out there.
I am Natasha Ramchandani from Delhi but I got selected as the editor in TOI of Mumbai so I am living here alone. My work is to improve other people work as I love to read.
‘Hi Natasha, Good morning. Rohan want to see you’ Maggie called up.
She is the receptionist and appointed with me so we were best friend.
‘Anything serious?’ I asked
‘I don’t know. Well all the best’
Well Rohan is the CEO of this company as well as my best friends. He is the only guy I love to talk but when he is in office He’s fully professional.
‘May I come in sir?’ I knocked the door.
‘Natasha, Yeah sure I was waiting for you. Please Have sit’
I took a sit ‘Yes’
‘Umm.. Natasha being a fabulous editor this this time I want you to write something. I want you to start a new column in the TOI. Talking about the practical story and discussing a social issues. If you are getting what I mean?’
‘Are you serious?’ I asked.
‘Yes’ He replied.
I was looking for this opportunity from last few months. Whenever me and Rohan went out for dinner I always use to say him.
I jumped with happiness and Hugged him. He said ‘Natasha relax we are in office right now’.
I took a step back and with shyness I took my hair backside of the ear. And smiled.
As I was walking out the door he called my Name ‘Natasha?’
I turned back ‘Yes?’
‘If you are free tonight can we go for dinner tonight?’ He asked.
‘Well yes. Did I ever say no to you?’
He smiled. And I left.
We both have been many time times together So I dressed up as usual.
I entered the restaurant. He was sitting there. In the perfect suit. Many of the time he directly use to came for meeting so I didn’t asked for the reason of his dress.
‘Hi’ I greeted him.
‘Hi, Looking good’ It was the first time he said this to me.
‘Are you ok Rohan?’
‘Yeah! It’s a big celebration day.’
‘Hmm. Thanks to you.’ And we cheered our champion glasses.
We got drunk that night. We laughed together. We dance together.
‘Natasha, come I leave you home.’
I smiled and sit in his car.
I asked him ‘Come in for a drink’
He was standing in my balcony I played a sweet music. I made a drink for him and for myself, both. And went out in balcony.
‘Natasha, I never knew world can be so beautiful. And you know what makes it more beautiful, its you.’
I give a finch of smile. We both look deeply in each other eyes. He moves close to me. Even I can’t resist his breath I closed my eyes and That balcony become a part of my love story.
We both started spending time together. We both become a life to each other.

After few months. At the awards ceremony..

‘And the award for the best column goes to…’
Rohan and I was sitting together. I was holding his hand tightly..
And the name announced.. ‘Natasha Ramchandani’
I Looked towards Rohan kissed him tight and then went to take up my award.
When everyone is congratulating me, a voice came behind from me.. ‘That’s a great technique took your boss in control and here you go.’ That was the first time. Rohan hold my hand and said let it go.

But the things keep happening like that to me in everyday routine. Peon to a the company’s director keep saying it to me. Out of that I went in Rohan cabin. I threw my file on his desk with anger. And said ‘I want to leave this job.’
 Rohan stood up ‘What?! I worked on you not like that. Because of few people you want to leave this job?’
‘What should I do then? The way people look at me makes me frustrated Rohan. I am not a bloody slut.’
He slapped me. I got on my knees. He came on his knees too. Hugged me and said ‘Natasha, You mean a world to me. I can’t let you go. I worked hard for my position in this job I cant even let it go too.’
‘But I can’t work here. I need to go. This is my Resignation. I am going back to Delhi. Mom dad wants me to get married now. I am sorry!’
I ran from there.
Week passed by but Rohan never called neither He came to see me. I was finished up with my packing. Standing in the same balcony thinking what I have lost and what I have earned. I took a deep breath and said ‘I miss you Rohan’
‘I missed you too doll’ It was a voice of Rohan. I turned around but no one was there. Gate was locked.
‘Oye! Miss Dumbs. I am here’
‘Oh my god! Rohan Why are you hanging on the pipe?’
‘Cause I didn’t find any other way to say sorry. You wanted a Romeo Juliet. So I created one for you.’
I smiled like an idiot. ‘Stupid! Give me your hand’ I pulled him in.
With that puppy face he said ‘sorry!’
And this time I moved close to him to kiss.
He said ‘ If you are there in my life everything is interesting. Everything worth it. But I can’t lose you. The week without you is No no. I can’t imagine. I don’t want anything what I want is only you. We’ll both together create a new world.’
We both hugged each other tightly. He kissed my forehead. And one more balcony become dedicated to a love story.

P.S. Love is between a two people not between a whole world. People you truly wants to be together.