Friday, February 15, 2013

Love story to be Announced

‘I Request passenger to arrive at Platform No. 4 to aboard the train 437 for Okhla’
It was My last day of work. I was nervous about leaving the Job. Cause at the of 53 I didn’t have anything other than this job. Tomorrow was my retirement party. I use to came for the morning shift. Till the age of 15 I’ve been alone. Living in the 2BHK flat alone. Cooking my morning food. Then looking for Dear gardens and to reach Metro Station. To attend my job. I am an presenter at Archana Press. 

‘Shabana, You coming with us?’ Sara called me up. She is my colleague.
‘No Sara you go. I want to be here.’ I replied.
But she stopped for me. She’s always been generous with me. ‘What happen? You should be happy about your Retirement. Free life No running work. What’s wrong?’  She asked.
I pull her and asked her to sit. And then replied ‘Umm.. I know it Might sound stupid to you.. But what I am going to say can sound Idiotic.’
Once again an Announcement is mad on station. Having a same voice as earlier. ‘Train No. 423 is about to arrive…’
I continued ‘Can you hear that voice?’
She asked ‘ Which one? Metro is full of voices.’
‘No. That Announcement’ I replied.
‘Definitely Yes! But Why?’ She asked.
‘From the last 3Years what keeping my Job entertaining is that Voice. It’s a same voice from last three years. One I will leave my Job this voice will be over. I know that person must be younger than me actually a lot younger. It seems from his Voice but I don’t know after being alone for such a long duration this voice attract me towards him. I am not sad about leaving Job. I am sad about leaving this Voice forever’ I replied.
She kept on looking toward me. Then I Push her with my shoulder and she replied ‘I am speechless Shabana. Lets meet him. He must be right now in the announcing room.’
‘Are you mad? What we will say him. And He’s younger. I like his voice. I don’t even know what type of person he is?’
‘I am also not asking you to propose him. We’ll give a reason to make announcement of lost ring.’
‘Umm I am nervous.’ I said.
‘But If you don’t meet him today ‘You’ll never get to know who is your First crush. Let Show up.’ She replied.
So, I got agreed. Because I also wanted to see him.
When we reach the Announcing room. I never been desperate to see someone in My whole life. There was one lady sitting out there. ‘Hi ma’am How can I help you?’ She asked.
Sara replied ‘We wanted to see an announcer. Cause my friend lost her ring. Can we meet him?’
Lady replied ‘Ma’am I will make the announcement.’
Sara first looked at me and then asked ‘But the announcement made I thought it was in a man’s voice’
She first giggled and then replied ‘Ma’am yes, That was an male announcer his working time was from 9-12. Now, Its my turn. He just left. But If you want I can make your Ring Lost announcement. And you need to give yours and ring detail so when we find it we’ll let you know.’
Sara replied ‘Its ok. She might dropped it at home. Thanks for help.’
Lady smiled and turned to make announcement. We both came out of the announcement room. I asked ‘Now?’
She replied ‘I think it might be wanted to end like that.’

Few weeks later.
I was there at Sara house. Celebrating her daughter 15th birthday.
 ‘Hi, How are you?’ Sara asked
‘I am fine.’ I replied.
She called her daughter ‘Beta, Meet Shabnam aunty.’
‘Happy Birthday beta’ I wished her.
In return she smiled sweetly and thanks. Till then an announcement was made. ‘All the children please gather here.’
My eyes get widely open. Those heart beats where  falling down. I gather my energy out of nervousness and asked Sara ‘Who is he?’
‘My husband’s biggest brother. Well, Because of some circumstances he hadn’t got married. And work here and there to add up a little to our family.’ She replied.
‘Do you know? It was the voice of the announcer at Railway station.’
She looked at me. And Shouted ‘What? Wait here’
She ran. And after few minutes. He came up with the guy near age of 55 Black hair long height 5’11. ‘Bhaiya! Meet my friend Shabnam.’
‘Shabnam meet My Bhaiya’
We looked at each other and gave a dimpled smile. Sara said ‘Umm.. Anuj is calling me. You guys talk I come later.’
And that’s how We meet. And after few weeks our Marriage was announced.

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