Sunday, February 17, 2013

Love Story to be Killed (26/11)

‘Good Morning My dear hubby! Get up. Here is you tea.’ I whispered in his ears.
‘Mmm.. Good morning shona.’ He replied.
We were just married.Living in Melbourne. Cause Prithvi has his job here. Basically Prithivi belongs from New Delhi. But we are happy here. Its an arranged marriage but it didn't took me a minute too fall in love with him.
We had our tea together as we decided on our engagement the every night and the every morning we both will be together.
‘Prithivi, I think I should look out for job here. I get bore sitting alone here.’
‘But Sanya, I’ll earn for you and you shop for me and yourself. How are ideal.’ He put his head on my lap.
I move my hand through his hair. ‘Mmm.. But still.’
‘If you feel so. Then and ok. And if you need any help I’ll be there’ He replied.
‘Yes sir. But Now,get up and get ready for office. I make up your breakfast’
‘Ok Memsab as per your wish.’ He replied.
 I was cooking his breakfast while he came from behind and hugged me.
And whispered in my ears ‘Baby! What if I don’t go office today and spend my whole day with you.’
‘Ok. But why will you that?’ I asked.
‘Cause you are the most beautiful wife of mine and I have to leave for India tomorrow. I have a meeting in Mumbai.’
I turned my in anger‘What? And you saying it now? You going alone?’
‘No sanya! I’ll be leaving you at Delhi and then going for Mumbai meeting. Cause mom want us to be there for sometime and I can’t get any other best opportunity than this.’
‘That Nice idea. But why can’t I come Mumbai with you?’
‘Because for Mumbai only one person package is there.’ He said by making a cute lil puppy face.
I kissed on his forehead and said ‘Ok baby!’
Suddenly his phone rang up. ‘It is from office. I come back in minute’
I arranged our breakfast on table.
He came back and said‘Sanya there is a very important meeting So I have to leave baby. You start packing. As soon as I’ll reach home we’ll go for shopping and buy gifts for everyone. And for you my dear wify’ He pulled me close ‘I have a very special dinner planned for you.’ And kisses me tight.
He left after doing breakfast together. I packed my bags got ready for him in Special Red dress.Only earring which Prithvi bought up for me on our first night. He always pampered me. He kept my happiness first than him. I didn’t even get to know when I fall for him. I love him more than my life.
And the door bell ringed. ‘Welcome home Baby!’
‘How was your meeting?’ I asked.
‘It was good. And you look beautiful. So, You are ready?’
I give a sweet smile.He got freshen up in 5 minutes. And we gone for shopping first and then for the dinner Prithvi arranged for me. It was near a sea coat Candles and the perfect smell of roses. And the most beautiful part it was only me and him on the coast. We danced that night We smiled together. We laughed together. We loved each other together.
We had a flight at 5in morning.
We boarded a same plane. It has a first stop at Delhi and then Mumbai. And I keeping hold his hand there was something in my heart that was pinching me. And when flight was about to land I said ‘Take care of yourself baby! And Please come soon I’ll be waiting’ I kiss his forehead and leave.
I went at my In-laws home.
At evening I was sitting with my Mother-In-law. Suddenly Raj (Prithvi younger brother) came running in my room. ‘Bhabhi, there was a attack in Mumbai. Terrorist attacked in the Hotel Taj.’
I was broken as it was the same Hotel were Prithvi was living. I saw his missed called on my cell.I kept on trying his number and in my heart I kept praying to God. Every minute passing by the Terror of attack was increasing. Mom got a heart attack. She was in ICU. And I was broken. And the another morning a name of a Victims came in a news paper. Prithivi was there. It wasn’t even a month passed by and My love was killed. I can’t that day 26/11. The day was cursed. And so I lost you.

Sanya was admitted in Mental asylum after this incident. Prithvi mother got a major Heart attack and she died.

P.S. The Mumbai 26/11attack doesn’t only take people lives but it took away some people’s hope.There love. There children. There mother or Their parents. God protect us from the evil spirit and try to help us to make this place a better to live.