Saturday, February 16, 2013


Its almost been7years. But I still cant forget the time when she came to live in ourNeighborhood. I must be in 8th class at that time. Her smile and hergenerous nature just take my everything in her one look. My mom went in theirhouse and so did I. ‘Hi, I am Ehsaas’ I introduced myself. ‘Hi I am Neha’ andso she replied with that shyness in her eyes and that smile I was all about todie.
I use to live in asmall town near Rajasthan ‘Barmer’. We use to have one school in that Town. Soshe didn’t have any other option than to take admission in my school. And so Iuse to look out for her. I use to go at her home like its My family. Neha momuse to be very generous to me.
During winter shecalled me up ‘Ehsaas, Its dark at 7am. So take care of Neha she’ll go with youthese days.’ Well, Yes I was on cloud 9. And from that time I get to know moreabout her. More that about her eye or smile. Being one of the most richestfamily she use to adopt very simple nature. The way she think about the world.The way she thinks about the people. She became my life from then.
Then God keepblessing me with her. The Sports teacher made me a coach of a girl’s Kho kho teamin which Neha was also there. I can’t resist her. Her smell is still there inmy though. But till then Neha didn’t know my views about her. One day, Idecided to let her know about my feeling.
‘Hi, Neha’ I greetedher in the school.
‘Hi, Ehsaas. How areyou?’ She asked.
I replied ‘I am fine.I need your help Neha. Can you give your notes? Actually I was absent’
She answered ‘Yeah Sure. And If you have any doubt just let me know’
‘Ok. Thank you’.
I kept a note aboutmy feelings with My number in her note book. While returning back. I said ‘Neha,I have a problems so I wrote it in a piece of paper. So, Please help me.’ And Ireturned home. After the restless waiting of 8 days My phone finally rang upwith pleasure. On call she asked ‘Can we meet?’ her voice was slow not likealways. I replied ‘Yes’
And the day came whenshe become Mine. What all I have dreamt of. She was mine. And one year of ourrelationship was about to complete. It was final exam of 11th weregoing on. When Neha reached home. She got a call from his Uncle’s son Vijay. Heproposed her. Neha was scared once she said No. She called me up to tell aboutthe whole thing I made her understand that it was completely ok. And wereturned to our normal way. Barmer is a very small town everyone knows abouteach other. Girl and boy can’t meet each other easily. If I wanted to talk to NehaI use to drive my bike and she use to drive her active parallel to each otherto talk.

Neha was returningback from tuition. As soon as she entered. Her dad was standing in front of her. He slapped her hard. We both knew one day that this day will come but neveraccepted so soon. He tortured her like her anything. Abused her. Mentallyharassed her. But all I knew she was mine Neha she’ll never give up on me. Shenever did. No more calls no more meetings. But more than this what tortured meis her smile wasn’t there. Her smile was disappeared. Her dad came at my home.‘You better control your son Mr. Singh otherwise I have my own ways ofcontrolling him. Yours and ours caste have a large difference.’ I wasn’t scaredfor me but I was scared for My life (Neha).
I stopped playingcricket cause whenever her dad saw me playing outside she use to beaten. Idecided to leave Barmer after my 12th study and so did I.

We both knew from theheart that everything is over between us but no one had the guts to admit it orsay. As we both can’t bear the pain of our separation. She use to call me up somehow.I use to call her up somehow. But the God never helped us. I don’t know why hedidn’t. One more day When I was talking to her. Her mom get to know. Sheslapped her saying ‘It will be much better that we should have killed you atthat time only’. I was there on the call a tear rolled down from my eyes.

And the day came whenwe said to each other ‘Its over!.’ She took lot of promises from me. And I Justtook one to be happy. I said ‘Neha I am leaving you so you just remain happy.Just do that for me.’ And we both cried on call. That was the last time when Ilistened her voice. And from then she devoted her life for me like Radha and Idevoted mine for her smile.

Neha, Wherever you are I just hope you are happy. I know the way Ilove you. You love me more than that and life must be difficult for us withouteach other. But we are always together. Radha Krishan were the lover but theyweren’t together but world still name them together. Krishna was incompletewithout Radha. And so do I. But I am yours and your are mine. Your smell,Smile, eyes, yours simplicity are with me you are there in my heart and alwaysgoing to be. I have no words because something are just meant to be felt.

P.S. The story for my special friend.

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