Saturday, March 2, 2013


People say Music is something that one can only feel. It tell you about Some stories. And the most amazing thing it tell you about your own life. Its impressive the way you can manipulate your words by your own mean. Well I love music. I learn to live music  after Jay left me. We both were in relationship from last 1.5 years But he fell for someone else and left me alone. I was in truly love with him. I was broken but music help me to relive. Its been more than 1year after break up but I never thought of having a Boyfriend all wanted after it too live my life in own style and Devoted to Music.
‘Nandani!’ Someone shouted my loudly the voice seem to be enthusiastic.
It was Seema came running towards me. She was breathing Heavily. ‘Nandani, See what I got for you.’
‘First you calm down. Have water. And let me see this.’ I made her sit and took the broacher from her hand.
I read it a aloud. ‘So the broacher is about.. Band wars. What the Fish?! Why are you bringing it to me? I don’t have a Band I am me and myself. And you know it very well I suppose.’ I said it rudely.
‘F**k it shit happens. I am sorry I got really excited for you. By the way Chirag was asking for you.’ She said it by widening her eyes.
‘What do he want?’ I asked.
It was a myth or what I don’t know but People in college were fascinated by me. They use to say I was one of the Hot personality of college. Height 5’6 and Fair color is that all needed to be a good Person. Well I don’t give damn. Seema is the only one for me. I never been interested to make new Friends.
‘I don’t know. Maybe he wanted to include you in his Band as Chandra passed out this year and He need a New Drummer.’ She replied.
‘Oh yeah! And that jerk seriously thinks I’ll say yes.’ I said with an attitude. And then we said it together ‘Dumb Ass’ And Give tinted smile with Hi5.
We were leaving for a class. And the bad luck was waiting..
‘Nandani!’ Chirag was waiting for me outside the class.
‘Hi!’ I replied back.
‘Did you read about the Band war competition?’ He asked.
‘Yes! I did. And I am alone. I don’t want to join your band. I just don’t want too.’ I replied uninterestingly. ‘And ask no question and hear no lies.’ I further added.
He made Puppy faces and said ‘okay its your decision not mine. But if you ever felt so let me know. You know I can always wait for you.’ He made a wink and left. And Thank god he left as for his last statement and for that ugly wink I can Kick his ass.
I entered in a class and sit behind Seema. And we started with our Girl gossip. I have crush on a guy Parag. He was from Hotel management Branch. Well I don’t know I feel from his body language that he do also like me. But after Jay I never wanted to get into such things. I still miss him some time. But yeah he’ll get what he deserve. So about the Parag he is 6 feet long Dashing personality. He’s fabulous. And People also say that he belongs to bad Group His past wasn’t so good. He want to improve but now no one like him so. But he’s good the time I have spend with him he’s at least been nice to me.
As soon as our class got over I rang up Parag to ask about his volley Match.
‘Hello babes!’ Parag answered the call. ‘I just finished my match want to meet up for lunch?’
I laughed soothingly and answered ‘I was about to ask that. And well My answer is Yes!’ I replied and added ‘Sunshine Restro in 15 mins’
‘Well Honey anything for you.’ He said it in a very pleasant voice.
I hang off the call. And told Seema about it.
‘Listen, Me and Parag are going out for lunch. So, I’ll meet you up at 5 in evening.’ I said in running voice.
‘Why don’t you understand he’s not a good Guy?’
‘Ok-ok No lecture right now I have to leave take care’ I said and ran away from there.
 After 15 mins I met Parag at Sunshine Restro.
‘Hey! How are you? How was your match?’ I pulled my seat and started with a queries in which Parag interrupted in between and started saying ‘Ma’am please relax. I answer all your questions But you first have seat and order the food cause I’m damn hungry.’
He handed over me the menu. And further added ‘I want to eat your choice of Food today.’
I smiled and order the food. Till the food came we discuss our day. And then we had our food. And we were about to left When Parag ask me for the dinner. ‘very nice taste Nandani. I would like to have a pleasing dinner with you. Can I?’ He asked.
I can’t deny as I enjoyed having Lunch with him. I like spending time with him so I said yes. And we decided to meet at Night for dinner.
I went to hostel and told Seema about it. I was super excited for Night.
I decided dress to wear curled up my hairs.
And then Time came when we meet ‘You are looking beautiful.’
I smiled an replied ‘You too sir’.
He took me in by holding my hand. The place was fully decorated by Red balloons and chairs for only two. I looked to him. And then he  goes on to his knees. And asked me to be his forever. I was Dumbstruck I just took one promise for him To be mine forever and will never leave me alone. He accepted both of them. And the Night become special for me. But somewhere I was feeling that I should have told Seema about it. It was so hard and fast. But Moment was special I was holding his hand Dinner from single plate. Everything was quite romantic. I felt in love with that moments.
I told Seema next morning. As I spent whole night with Parag. I also told Seema about shifting in Live in relationship soon. She did not wanted to except it. She started staying off from me and more with Chirag. Seema and me keep falling apart as Parag and me keep falling more for each other.
Parag was one year senior with me. So he has to leave in few months as he got his placement in another city.
We both were on bed. I was hugging him tight. Then when I asked her.
‘Parag?’ I stopped for lil and when He removed hair from my face I continued ‘ So you’ll leave in next 2-3 months?’
‘Baby I’m not leaving you. I’m leaving this city and that also not forever. I’ll keep coming here to meet you. And then call and everything are here.’
I cut him down in between and said ‘This will become Long distance relationship. Will you think it will work?’ I asked.
He crossed his fingers with mine and said ‘We will make it work. Now close your eyes and sleep.’

In few months Parag left. I somehow try to become friends with Seema. Seema and me became friends again. So I started to get along with Chirag also. But with my increasing friendship me Parag was falling apart.
Seema and Chirag were at my apartment. I had a fight with Parag that night. But I try to kept myself happy in front of them. Seema has to left early that day there were some issues at her flat in Hostel.

‘Chirag, Can I bring you something?’ I asked.
‘Yeah your real smile.’ He replied.
I exclaimed ‘what?!’ and further continued ‘What do you mean?’
‘I mean Ms. Nandani Sharma the smile I die for is missing. This isn’t your real one.’ He looked directly into my eyes and said.
I turn face around and said ‘No! Nothing like that.’
He said my copying me ‘No Nothing like that.’ We both laughed together. And in middle I started crying. He took my face into his hand. Rubbed my tears with his thumbs and come close and hugged me tight. And I said ‘Chirag, Things are not working between Me and Parag.’
He tried to make me understand ‘Give it some time.’
‘I want to meet him. Please take me there. Please.’ I cried and cried.
He Pull down his bike to take me there. It was hardly 5 hrs. journey and we were there. I knocked at the gate of Parag. In mind I knew he will be surprised by seeing me. But I didn’t knew as soon as he’ll open the door I’ll be surprised. There was a girl on his bed naked. He was standing in front of me wrapped in bed sheet.

I leave without reacting Chirag was on his bike I sat back on him and ask him too take me back. He asked me number of times what happened but I didn’t replied as we reached home I locked up myself in my room and  cried out hell out of me. Chirag keep on knocking and when then he finally knocked down the door. He didn’t asked question and wrapped me up in his arms. And said ‘I know you are going through tough phase but I am here. I wont  leave you. I am not asking relationship. I just want to fulfill my friendship duties.’ He made me slept on his lap hold my hands and promise to Never go. 

As soon as time starting to pass by. I joined up Chirag band. Chirag never left me alone even for a minutes. He started to become a reason for my Smile and even sometime for my cry. We weren't in relationship as I didn't wanted any. And Finally a time came When music brought us close. 
It was the last day of our college. He wen't up on terrace and shouted loudly..
'Naaaandaaaaaniiiii!' We all were on down stairs. All started to looking at him.
He continued 'Nandani! I love you. And I promise I never will leave you. You are the heart beat of mine. And I don't care you'll accept it or not but I love you. And at the last day this song is only for you..'
And he sang the song 'Soniyooo Kya kahu Tujhe dekhta hoon toh sochta hoon..'
I ran on terrace We both kept looking in each other eyes and a tear rolled down from my cheeks. He pulled me closer and Hugged me tight. The whole university was looking at us. He kissed my forehead and said 'I love you Soniyo! You are my world and my life. I couldn't stop blushing. The music become a reason to make me smile. Its been 2yrs we are together and about to get married soon.

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