Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hide And Seek

‘1…2…3…4…10, Hide? I am coming.’ A voice echoed in his ears. He turned around to look. And soon a hand tapped him from back calling his name ‘Abhik’. He did tried to give a Beautiful Fake smile to her friend Vaishnavi. ‘It doesn’t seem to be.’ She added ‘Old memories?’
He replied ‘Yeah a little. I was born here so definitely yes.’ He said all this with a smile on his face. Vaishnavi and Abhik are very good friend from a long a time. They work in the same office from last 2 years. He knew almost everything about Abhik.
She asked him ‘Is it about Nandita?’
He replied with a nod and his face turned red and added ‘She is a little baby. Anyways, You get ready we have to leave for a site inspection and we’ll have a dinner out as there is no food at home.’
She didn’t ask any question back and said ‘Okay.’ She is been of very Jolly nature and is been very supportive towards Abhik whenever he needed someone.
After few hours he was waiting for him down the stairs to leave for site. She came as fast as she can. Her were long and wet. She was wearing a straight proper fit yellow kurta. She was trying to fix her earing while saying ‘Lets go.’ He kept on looking to her. She looked at him and said with shyness ‘Mm. Can we?’
He gain his conscious mind and just nodded. With all her embarrassment she smile by putting her hair back to the ear. And walked silently behind him.
The car was allotted to them by the company. The driver came to pick them up. And they reached to the site in few minutes. They been there till the night for the work. They got free at 8:30 or so. And were about to leave for dinner. And the she said ‘Can we walk? I like to walk.’
Even he also. He said yes. They walk along the road till the restaurant talking about the day about their life and about Nandita.
‘So, Abhik How was Nandita?’ She asked.
‘Beautiful. Just like you. But she was quite. She didn’t use to talk much. Her favorite game was Hide and Seek. Even till our Marriage she use to play the same. And she is still playing the same.’ His voice lower down in the end. He added ‘What about you? No plans for marriage.’
‘No just little afraid. I want a guy like me. I don’t want to share my life with him I want to live my life with him. I want to live with him instead promising to die together. I want to laugh high not to cry high.’ She replied.
They soon reached to the restaurant. They both loved the chicken so much and ordered one. ‘Vaishnavi, You are very beautiful.’ She all of a sudden looked up and replied ‘Ahaan Flirting?’. He made a weird face and replied ‘No you actually are. Not only by face but by heart.’ She smiled looking down to her food. And change the topic by saying ‘Food is good, right?’
He knew what she was trying to do and so he smiled with a nod. From the restaurant to home they again walked.. He asked her ‘Are you happy with your life?’
She said in a loud voice ‘Goooooolaaaa. Baraf Ka gola (Ice candy)’ And she run toward this stall. He keep on looking to her all the time. Kiddish nature of her making him fall for her. But he was afraid. He was to face his feeling for Vaishnavi as he was true for Nandita completely.
And after that they reached home. They both were dog tired but still wanted to talk wanted to listen to each other. So they got fresh and sit in the living area with bottle of beer and listening to each other stories.
He told her all about Nandita.
Nandita and Abhik were friends from childhood. They grew up together. Playing together. Soon when they turned 18 they found themselves falling for each other. But in the mean time rivalry between took place. Before they can tell anyone about each other to their family the started meeting each secretly. Once, When Nandita and Abhik decided to get married in a temple her father get to know about each other. As soon they finished with there ceremony and got tied into the marriage bond. Her father attacked on them with other of his man.
They ran and finally hided in a place near Temple. He hold her face in his hand and said ‘Nandita, You remember you favorite game Hide and Seek? You just be here? I look for your father outside and will talk to him about us. Ok?’ Just don’t leave this place. Be hided.’ But when he leave the place and someone attack on his head from behind. When he gained his consciousness He looked for her everywhere. And from that to today he is just looking for her from last 7 years. He accepted that might be there’s a possibility he would never found her again but still he is waiting for her.

Vaishnavi was still and quietly looking at him. And cried with him when he cried. She started love being with him. Being his support. Making him smile was the one motto she has left with. She didn’t knew if it was love for him or it was just a concern toward him like a friend.
They both were falling for each other. They both knew it from inside. But they weren’t ready to confront in front of each other cause she knew he was for Nandita and He thinks its all her concern for him.
One day Vaishnavi left early in the morning for the same temple were Abhik and Nandita tied a knot. She prayed for Nandita. She prayed for Abhik even She prayed for herself. She called Abhik with all the guts she has. She wanted to tell him about her feelings all what he feel for her.
Soon, Abhik reached there. He tapped her from beside saying ‘Vaishnavi’. She turn around but she wasn’t Vaishnavi it was Nandita. Vaishnavi was just standing next to her. She left as soon as she saw that she left the place. She must have cried badly. She must have been heart broken. But she smiled for him. She wanted him to be happy even without her.
When Abhik reached home he breakdown in front of her. He cried in front of her. She cried with him. She hold him in her arms. But still she didn’t able to speak. She didn’t able to tell him because the way he cried for her the way he broke for her was different. She just wanted to hide everything she has for him.
Nandita got married 3years back. She is mother of some other children.
Vaishnavi kept it normal for many days. But then she wasn’t a girl of nature to keep thing in her mind she message him all his feeling one day. And didn’t reach home early at night. Finally, He left in the midnight to found her. It was raining it was raining hard. Not far from the house she was sitting down the lane. Crying and all wet.
He went to her sit next to her ‘Why didn’t you tell me before?’ She remained silent. He added ‘Can I tell you something?’ She nodded looking down. He put his hand on her and said ‘I do feel for you same way. But then I didn’t know how to say it to you. It was your love for me or just a concern I never knew that. I want to be with you the way you wanted to be with me. Nandita didn’t even recognized me when I met her that day. Neither I felt for her the same which I used to. I wanted to meet you that day and tell you what I felt for you. I am in love with you the way you are with me. I want to laugh with you and want to live you.’ He stood up and kneel down to say ‘I love you Vaishnavi. I want to love you like you do me. Will you marry me?’
She gone down on her knees to hug him tight and kiss him back.

P.S. Don’t let your past decide your Future.
Photo Credits Tarun Chawala Photography

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  1. So much memories with it, remember when we were kids, we (all cousins) use to play it and have fun. Thank you for refreshing old memories