Friday, March 8, 2013


It was raining heavily. It was approximately the time near 11:30 at night. I came back from my office conference at Mexico to Delhi. No taxi was available. I look out for a Telephone Booth to call up my Dad to arrange up taxi for me.
‘Hi dad!’ I said.
One car stops near a booth where Little kids where enjoying the rain. A car door opened. A thunder appears. One girl step out of the car. She was wearing a Salwar suit. She pulled out her Heels and threw them in one corner. Again a lightening appears. There was some Powerful innocence on her face. That smile and the way she danced with them. 
My dad on the call keep saying ‘ Hello! Whose there?’
I was out of my conciseness. It never happened to me. It was the first time I lost breathe and feeling my own heartbeat. I hang up the call without saying anything. Suddenly another car came. The boy came out to took her with him. He didn’t seem to be forcing her. She smiled and cutely said goodbye to them. I keep on looking her. I Didn’t want her to go.
But after she left I gather up my conciseness and call my dad again and told him all about this as soon as I reached home.
Its been almost 6 months I never saw her  again. But still her face was there in my mind.
My dad knocked on my door and said ‘Hey Arnav still sleeping?’
‘No dad! You remember about that girl. I was still thinking about her.’ I replied.
‘Arnav you almost reject 15 proposal for your marriage just because of that girl. You don’t even know her name. Just saw her in one spark and fall for her. What if she was married? Or wasn’t good by heart?’
‘Dad! That time her smile told her everything. That girl was like spark. I don’t know if she is married or not. I just want to meet her. Wherever she is and happy. I’ll be happy.’
‘God! I never knew you are so romantic.’ And tickled me. While he continued ‘By the way, Sunita Bhua’s Daughter Deepali is getting married Next week. I have booked the tickets for tomorrow. Pack your bags.’
I just nodded my head and smiled.
Next morning me and dad left for the Jaipur. They booked up a Haveli for all the guests combining from both the sides. Haveli was full of voices and why shouldn’t be it’s a marriage place. Suddenly a troop of girls goes running in front of me. One of them dropped her Pazeb (Anklet). I pick up that Pazeb and look up to stop her. She turned up. It was her, She was wearing blue Lehenga and laughing openly. The whole world stopped for a minute. I just kept looking to her.
A voice came ‘ Beta, How are you?’ It was Sunita bhua.
I looked up to her and replied ‘Fine.’ I was trying to keep looking back to get her glance.
Suddenly My uncle gathered up everyone together to Play games. She was standing in front of me. She was the only one whom I was looking at and listening at.
‘So, We are going to play a game. Without dancing marriage isn’t possible. So here are the news paper and I’m going to make couples and The game is Paper dance.’
He starting taking making couples. And in another second He took my name ‘Arnav and Navika’.
I shouted ‘No Uncle I can’t dance. Please Nooo.’
She came from behind and said ‘Its ok. I’m with you na you won’t lose.’ And the first time her eyes meet with mine. They were deep and Beautiful. She smiled and said ‘Hi! I’m Navika. I am from the Groom’s side.’ I kept on looking to her and kept listening to her. With clearing her throat she again said ‘Excuse me!’
I winked my eyes and replied her back ‘Hi, I’m Arnav. I am from brides side. And yeah I don’t know how to dance.’
She smiled and said ‘Its ok. I promise you we will win this game.’
I widened my eyes and said ‘I said I don’t know how to dance.’
She winked at me and gone to take her sheet. She made me danced. Every step she took I took with her. It wasn’t that hard. And it was unbelievable that we won. At the end she said ‘See I told you so.’ I smiled while looking to her.
She was with me there in whole marriage. And in no time We both become a Good friends. She was the most simplest girl of all. Simple Delicate and sometime Hyper.
I was waiting for here at the day of marriage to see her as I haven’t seen her from the morning.
‘Hi! Arnav?’ The girl came to me and asked.
‘Yes!’ I replied.
‘Hi, I am shweta. I am Navika’s elder sister. She send this note for you.’
She hanged over a note to me and ran away.
                          ‘Arnav, I want to meet you. Please come on terrace.
                           And yeah Bring My Pazeb with you. Which you had
                            from the first day we meet.
I was amazed How she Knew about the Pazeb. I first went to my room to take Her Pazeb and then went on terrace to meet her. She was looking Beautiful. Peacock color Lehenga and her tied up her.
She turned toward me. And said ‘Arnav, Just let me speak first. I should have told you earlier about it. Did you bring that Pazeb?’
I handed over her the Pazeb.
She continued ‘I am a widower. My husband died a year back in an Air plane crash. This Pazeb was gifted by him at our first night. I saw this Pazeb with you today morning when I came to meet you.’ A tear rolled down from her eyes.
I gather a courage to speak. ‘Navika am I good friend of yours?’
She winked her eyes. I took a step forward to her. Hold Her face into my hand and looked deep into her eyes and said ‘I have also hide something from you. I saw you at Delhi near airport first I didn’t even knew your name. You were happy , dancing in rain. I fall for you there itself. I didn’t even knew if you are married or not. I didn’t even knew your name. It was you whom I fall for. Your smile and eyes. For your happiness I will do anything. And I promise you after marriage I’ll Gift you Pazeb at every marriage anniversary.’
She finally looked up at me And said ‘Marriage?!’
And I replied ‘Now I can’t let you go. Shaadi toh banti h Boss.’
She handed over me her Pazeb and I get onto on my knees and tied her Pazeb. And she fall into my arms. And I kissed her on her forehead.

P.S. Love never gets affected by your Past neither by your present nor by your future. Its Love just an exceptional feeling.